How much do we cost?


Online therapy is new but effective

Online therapy produces the equivalent clinical outcomes and levels of client satisfaction to face to face therapy. This is because the only difference between online therapy and face to face therapy is that it is done through an online platform.

As a result of this, we do not have a physical clinic and therefore, our charges are a lot less.

We are NDIS Registered*

If you have a plan through NDIS, you are able to use us with your NDIS funding. After confirming and signing a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your therapist, you can book sessions and use your NDIS funds.

(*in certain categories)

How much do our therapy sessions cost?

Irrespective of whether you are using your NDIS funding, the costs are as follows:

Therapy Sessions NDIS Clients (as per current NDIS rates) Non-NDIS Clients
Initial consultation (2hrs) $388 $300
Short Session (30min) $97 $75
Standard Session (45min) $145.49 $112.5
Extended session (60min) $194 $150

Other types of funding

Medicare does not cover online therapy at the moment, however we are hopeful that this will change in the future.

We are currently in the process of organising HiCAPS so you can claim your session from your private health fund.

Still got questions?

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