How do we work?

aN 8 step process

We only want to provide the best quality and care for our families, so we use a simple, yet detailed 8 step process.

Flowchart Client Journey.png

Step 1

You find out about Umbo and contact us through our website, by phone, or by email

Step 2

Our lovely clinician, Jess will phone you to answer your questions and explain more about the process.

She will:

  • Offer a 15-minute free consultation trial with herself via phone call to demonstrate how online therapy works

  • Help you book a time through ‘Cliniko’.

Step 3
  • After the 15-minute free consultation trial, Jess will send you a referral form

  • If you haven’t responded within a week, Jess will follow up

  • Once the referral form has been received, we will prepare and send a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) in the near future

  • From this, Umbo’s Chief Clinical Officer, Ed (and link to Ed’s page), will work with you to determine the best clinician for you.

Step 4

A draft SLA will be sent to you for signing, along with a permission form. Both are returned to us.

Step 5
  • You will book your preferred appointment time through Cliniko

  • The team at Umbo will help you set person-centred goals that drill down from the draft SLA and eventually sign the amended version

  • You will determine a ‘key-worker’ with the Umbo team. A key-worker is the person who makes sure that the person and their support circle works on therapy goals between consultations, that everyone knows what’s happening, and that appointments are made and kept. Find out more in the FAQs

Step 6
  • Video consultation will be arranged via Coviu. Phone consultation will be arranged between you and the Umbo clinician. Messages will be conducted via SMS or Whatsapp. We use email to share information between you, any supporting organisation, and Umbo

  • You will then book subsequent appointment times through Cliniko

  • You may request documentation at any time

Step 7
  • Umbo clinicians work with you towards therapy goals.

  • Apart from therapy sessions, we analyse data, develop strategies, compile info or coaching materials, write summaries or notes, and problem solve with you and senior colleagues.

Step 8: Final Consult

  • With your Umbo clinician, you will debrief together, review goals and progress

  • The Umbo clinician may explain the summary letter and process for referral

  • You and your family will be send a follow up form for feedback

Step 8

Still got questions?

Check out our FAQs or feel free to contact us at