Meet Weh. He wants to help you transition from a great face-to-face clinician, to a great online clinician.

Want to learn how to practise speech or occupational therapy online? Working from the comfort of your own home?

We’ve developed the perfect training package for you. As a combination of PDFs and videos, it is delivered entirely online, which means you can do it from your own home. As a basic primer in online therapy, we expect it will take roughly half a day.


Here are the modules covered:


1.              What is online therapy?

2.              Technology: equipment and setup

3.              Modalities (descriptions, how to use, when to use)

4.              Forming the team (finding and involving the right people, and building relationships)

5.              Elective: Person-centred practice

6.              Elective: Person-centred goal setting

7.              Elective: Dynamic assessment

8.              Elective: Person-centred intervention

9.              Preparation (what happens before each session)

10.            Coaching (how to be a good coach and why it’s important)

11.            Cultural considerations

12.            Privacy and confidentiality

13.            FAQs and common misconceptions

14.            Review quiz

15.            Online therapist readiness checklist

All of this for a special introductory offer of $125. This is a limited time offer, so take advantage of it now!

Basic Training: Becoming An Online Therapist

Umbo Clinical Training:
Basic Training: Becoming An Online Therapist

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